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======== 2018 ========

April 13th, Twin Bridges, Jefferson City, Mo

April 14th, Hard Tails, Macks Creek, Mo, 8-12

April 22nd, Backwater Jacks, John Belt Celebration of Life, Osage Beach, Mo Time 4-8

April 28th, Martys in Camdenton, Mo 5-7

April 28th, J. Waynes in Lake Ozark, Mo, 8:30-12:30

May 5th, Dog Days Bar & Grill, Osage Beach, 6-10

May 26, Dog Days, Osage Beach, Mo 6-10

June 8th, Hard Tails, Macks Creek, Mo 8-12

June 9th, Bulldogs Beach House, Camdenton, Mo, 6-10

June 15th, Spectators, Jefferson City, Mo, 8-12

July 7, Dog Days Bar & Grill, Osage Beach, 6-10

July 14th, Bulldogs Beach House, Camdenton, 6-10

July 21, Private Party, Huzzah Valley Resort, Mo

July 27th, Hard Tails, Macks Creek, Mo 8-12

August 11th, Hard Tails, Macks Creek, Mo, 8-12

September 1, Dog Days Bar & Grill, Osage Beach, 6-10

September 8, Hard Tails, Macks Creek, Mo 8-12

Sept 14th, J. Waynes, Lake Ozark, Mo/ Bike Fest 8-12

Sept 21, Spectators, Jefferson City, Mo, 8-12

Sept 22, Private Party, Lake of the Ozarks

Oct 13, Cafe Verhip, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Baub Eis with local backup band 9-12.

Nov 2nd, Chelsea's, Eureka Springs, Arkansas 9:30-12:30pm

Nov 9-10, Lone Wolf Saloon, Wentzville, Mo


* Always best to contact venue to insure proper start times and dates as sometimes things change last minute.

High Energy!

"One might compare the Baub Eis Band to a chemistry experiment conducted by a mad scientist, a comedian and a drill instructer.  With a mix of offbeat humor, skilled musicians and decades of performances, the resulting formula is nothing short of combustible." 

Deborah Wolfe
The Lake Today


Feeling the Rush...

"Now, if your vision of the blues matches my old one, then you better buckle up tight before you begin this journey.  Your expectations are in for a rocky, rowdy ride, because members of the Baub Eis Band are nothing like that image I carried in my head; and their music, well, their music certainly isn't the slow mournful music I imagined all blues to be.  Although their songs' souls carry the same emotions as traditional blues, their bodies, with fast beats, crashing drums and shocking guitar, often resemble in-your-face rock as much as soul-soothing blues tunes."

Anita Neal Harrison
Lake Lifestyles Magazine


"Solid blues/rock... tight well rehearsed band..."

Bruce Iglauer
President Alligator Records

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