About the Baub Eis Band

Baub Eis

Baub Eis
Guitar & Vocals

Rig: Mostly Strats and Teles played through the right speaker of a LIne 6 Bogner Spyder Mark II 100 watt head into a Marshall 2x12 cab.  Effects MIDI synced back to a Boss RC-50 for loops back into a 300 watt rackmount looping amp into the right channel of the Marshall cab.

Current Favorite Bands: Umphries McGhee, Rush , Galactic, that1guy, Mountain Sprout, Many Colored Death, Tab Benoit.

Activities: Host of the 93.5 Rocks the Lake Homegrown show on Sunday at 11am, and now the Video DJ at Lake TV's show Soundtropia. Avid mountain biker and recently completed the 2014 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo in Tucson, AZ. 

2012 Started Eis Guitars with his Father, building CNC computer designed guitars.

John Marsi

John Marsi 
Drums & Vocals

Rig: Live, Johnny loves to play one Of the many variations available from his 1977 Ludwig Solid Stainless Steel Shell Vintage Super Classic collection. Weather is be the big Bonham kick or the 22" kick, he almost always can be found using his larger than life 1967 14x6.5" Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum.

Johnny's live and studio cymbal set ups include a super rare pair of 1971 (Bonham) 15" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hi Hats, a pair of 1989 14" Sabian AA Rock Hats, a pair of 14" 1990's AAX Sabian Hi Hats, a pair of 1960's 14" Zildjain New Beat hi hats, two 1985 20" Paiste 3000 series Rides, a 24" 2002 series black label (Bonham) ride, several vintage A and K Zildjains and several complete sets of 2002 red and black label crashes and china type cymbals by Paiste.

When it comes to studio drums, Johnny exclusively uses a 1997 Keller Shell DW Collector's Timeless Timber set with several snare drum options. Options include a 1971 Sonor 14x4" Ferro-Manganese snare, a 1977 Rogers Chrome over Brass 14x5" Dyna-Sonic snare and Several vintage wood and metal Ludwig's.

Current Favorite Bands:

Activities: When not busy beating down the drums with the BEB, John is a fantastic DJ/VJ with his business Elite LIghting and Sound.

KL Hauge

KP Hauge
Bass Guitar

Rig: Like his bandmates, KP has TOO MUCH GEAR :>)
This season we'll again see his pair of old Ampeg 4x10 SVT Cabinets. Power heads are currently Genz Benz and Ampeg, but he's sniffing at some Mesa Boogie or vintage SVT tube horsepower.... Guitars this year will be the hand-built "Mr. Pink" P-J stage bass, an "ordinary" black Fender Jazz, and on special occasions, his vintage Gibson Thunderbird.

Current Favorite Bands: KP listens to EVERYTHING and then steals any bass lines that might be useful. As he has to glue two of the most dynamic players in the business together, he needs every trick he can get. He does think the sun rises and sets on Led Zeppelin, but then again comes the old Talking Heads, everything Motown and Sun and Stax, and of course.... RUSH.

Activities: Busy busy day job - IT Monkey for the Cdoc.Net, Former President of the Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society, Unix hacker, and loving uncle to a crazy bunch of mostly nieces. For a serious hobby, he tries to give Baub Eis as much trouble as possible.

History of the Band

The first official Baub Eis Band gig was hosting the Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society monthly blues jam session at Baron's Bistro in Camdenton 3/9/1999.  Since then the band has gone through several shifts and make over and has had a huge amount of players in the long history of the band.

The band has played all over the Midwest including the Zoo Bar in LIncoln, Nebraska, lots of Kansas City, St Louis, Columbia, Jeff City and Springfield gigs. its mainstay of course is always the illustrious Lake of the Ozarks and has found some new favorite watering holes to play in Eurkea Springs Arkansas.

2004 and 2005 Semi-finalist in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

Previous Members: Thom Roe, Rich Robben, Larry Cox, Robert Jones, Dennis "Uncle Denny" Ternamian, Dave Raithel, John Canon, George Whitlow, Tim Perez, Chris Libby, Steve Clarkson, Eric Petska, "Phat" Matt Mils, "All Day" Cody Ray, Harrison Sweaze, and Paul Allen.

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